How can I test my system to ensure it is working?

Before using the SEAL SwimSafeTM, we strongly recommend testing to ensure you’re using the system properly.

To accurately test the SEAL SwimSafeTM, you must use an in-ground pool.  The Band will NOT alarm in a bucket of water or a hot tub as the Band is designed to ignore small bodies of water, minor submersion and splashing

  1. Turn the System on and ensure you are able to cycle the Bands through the swim levels (GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE and ORANGE).  
  2. Set Band to swim level GREEN.  Dip the GREEN Band in the water. Fully submerse the Band and move it back and forth in the water like a swimmer struggling. The Hub and Band will alarm after a couple of seconds.  
  3. Set Band to swim level BLUE or PURPLE.  Completely submerge the BLUE or PURPLE Band in at least 3 feet of water. The sensors are designed to function around a swimmer’s neck and if the Band is not worn by a person it will need to be much deeper in water to alarm than when worn by a swimmer.

NOTE: The Band will strobe 10 seconds before the Hub alarms. This is a pre-alert to warn swimmers who may be pushing the extremes of their breath holding limits to return immediately to the surface. This will also alert “Walk-offs” to return to the swimming area immediately before the Hub is alerted.

Watch video of System testing.

NOTE: The Hub should be placed at least 2-3 feet above the ground to increase the range of the System.


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