Hub Factory Reset

If you encounter a situation in which you would like to reset your system to the original factory settings, follow the steps below:

Warning: When a factory reset is performed, all Bands must be re-paired to the Hub before the system can be used again.

  1. Make sure your charger is plugged into the wall.
  2. Make sure the Hub is off.  If not, turn the Hub off by pressing and holding the button on the Hub for 4 seconds and releasing it when the Hub turns red. The Hub and Bands should turn red and beep for 5 seconds.
  3. Remove all the Bands and the Hub from the charger.
  4. Place the HUB ONLY back in the charger. The Hub should be ice blue, or blinking ice blue if it is in low battery.
  5. Hold the power button on the Hub down for 20 seconds. Make sure to KEEP holding the button down even when the Hub starts to beep. The Hub will then flash yellow and red and beep several more times.
  6. Return the Bands to the charger.
  7. You will know your Hub has been successfully factory reset if the Hub is in the charger and flashing green and ice blue, while all the Bands are in the charger flashing ice blue or presenting solid ice blue, or blinking ice blue and red; NOT their swim color. This means they are no longer communicating with the Hub.

After following the above instructions to complete the factory reset, you will then need to reset each Band and re-pair it to the Hub. Please see resetting Bands and pairing them to the Hub for instructions.

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