My Bands are not Charging

In order to keep pools clean and safe to use, it is standard for the water to be treated with a significant amount of chemicals. These chemicals can cause a residue to build up around the four metal charging contacts both on the face plate of your SEAL SwimSafe™ Band and in the Charging Port.



It is possible for this build up to inhibit the charging process.

  • After every use of your SEAL SwimSafe™ System wipe excess water from the face of your SEAL SwimSafe™ Band before placing it back in the charger.
  • In addition, if you notice a 'rust' like build up on the Charging Contacts of either your SEAL SwimSafe™ Band or in the charging port itself gently scrub the contacts free with a tooth brush or similar brush moistened with a small amount of white vinegar. Shake off any excess vinegar from the brush before brushing the contacts taking care to NOT let water vinegar drip into the charger. If the bands do not charge after treatment, contact SEAL Customer Service at


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