The Hub is alarming and I don't know why!

The Hub will alarm by going into a rapid RED/WHITE strobing and a continuous siren any time it loses contact with a Band for more than the time limit set by the Swim Level. This will occur if a swimmer is submerged too long, a swimmer walks off beyond the range, or if a Band is damaged.
  1. Check and be certain all swimmers in the pool are safe and that no swimmers are submerged.
  2. Hold the button on top of the Hub down for 5 seconds and release. This will reset the Hub and turn off all the Bands. Bands that are still wet will begin to alarm if submerged so by pressing the Hub button again and waiting several seconds for the Hub to reboot, the system should be silent. 
  3. Identify any Band that is still in alarm or whose LEDs are not lighting up and inspect it for damage.
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