Pairing Bands to Hub

Each SwimSafe™ Band must be paired with the SwimSafe™ Hub to safely monitor the swimmer.  Pairing enables the SwimSafe™ Band and Hub to communicate.

NOTE: Newly purchased SwimSafe™ Systems arrive already paired.  An easy way to determine if a Band is paired with the Hub is to identify the color light on the SwimSafe™ Band when it's in the charger and the system is on.

Secure the Band in the Charger

  • Band light is ICE BLUE = UNPAIRED or the Hub is not on (see Power Up). The Hub must be turned on to determine whether or not bands are paired.


Your unpaired SEAL SwimSafe™ Band should now be fully charged with ICE BLUE lights. You are ready to pair your SEAL SwimSafe™ Bands to your SEAL SwimSafe™ Hub. Each Band will need to be paired individually, to pair a Band:

How to Pair the SwimSafe™ Band and Hub

Your SwimSafe™ System must be turned ON to complete this process (see Power Up).

A   With the Band secured in the charger press and release the 'Swim Level'   button on the front

of the charger corresponding to and directly below the band you want to pair. Your band will begin to blink YELLOW indicating it is ready to pair.

B   Remove your SEAL SwimSafe™ Band from its charger.

C    Rub the face of your Band against the SEAL logo on the side of your SEAL SwimSafe™ Hub.

Your Band will start to flash different colors.

D    When the Band starts to flash multiple colors, immediately press and release the button on your Hub ONE TIME and the Band should turn green.  

You will hear a 'chirp' to indicate that you have successfully paired your Band with the Hub.


Repeat this process with all your SEAL SwimSafe™ Bands to pair them to the Hub and ready them for use.  




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