NOTE: The SEAL SwimSafe™ Hub should be turned OFF while charging. Please watch the video below or see the help article Turning OFF the System for instructions.

A    Plug in the SEAL SwimSafe™ 4-Band or 12-Band Charger.

B    Place each SEAL SwimSafe™ Band into the charger.

To ensure your SEAL SwimSafe™ Band is inserted in the proper direction, make sure the side with the "clasp holes" is facing the side of your SEAL SwimSafe™ Charger with the orange Swim Level strip. 

SEAL SwimSafe™ Bands must be dry before charging.  DO NOT place wet Bands into the charger.

C    Rotate the swivel clamp over the Band to hold it in place.

NOTE If the swivel clamp does not rotate smoothly, be sure that the four metal contact points on the face of the Band are aligned with the pins in the Charger.

D   Place the SEAL SwimSafe™ Hub into the charger. Indicator lights will appear.

The SEAL SwimSafe™ Band and Hub must be charged in order to monitor swimmers. Plug in the SEAL SwimSafe™ Charger and fully charge the Band and Hub before an outing or a long day of swimming. Charge the Band and Hub until the lights remain solid and are no longer flashing. This indicates a full charge.

The bands will blink RED until they have reached the minimum usable charge.



CHARGING TIME (0% to full charge)

  • Band: 1.5 hours
  • Hub: 3 to 4 hours

BATTERY LIFE Up to 8 hours

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