Factory resetting a Band and pairing it to the Hub

1. Secure the Band in the charger and plug the charger in.

2. Press and hold down the swim level button Screen_Shot_2016-06-27_at_4.00.04_PM.png on the charger for 20 seconds until the Band flashes red and yellowNOTE: after 10 seconds the band will flash yellow and white - DO NOT LET GO. Continue to press for the full 20 seconds until the band is flashing yellow and red.

3. When you release the swim level indicator, it should turn yellow and stay yellow.

4. You will then need to re-pair each Band to the Hub.

5. Brush the front of the Band past the SEAL logo on the side of the Hub.  The Band will start to flash several colors. 

6. While THE BAND IS FLASHING MULTIPLE COLORS, quickly PRESS and RELEASE the button on top of the Hub ONE TIME and the Band should turn green. You will hear a "chirp" to indicate that you have successfully paired your Band with the Hub. 

7. You can then set the Band to the appropriate swim level.


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