Hub is stuck in solid red and won't turn on or off.

If an attempt to factory reset the Hub is performed during the middle of the shut down process, it is possible to put the Hub temporarily in a state where it is stuck in a solid red state and will not respond to the button press.
Once a Hub is stuck in the solid red state, it will need to be left out of the charger until the battery completely dies to reset it. Please follow these instructions to reset your Hub.
This issue can be avoided by NEVER holding the button down once the shut off process has started.
To turn the Hub on, simply quickly press and release the button on top of the Hub.
The Hub will turn red for several seconds while it analyzes the radio traffic in the area and then begin to blink GREEN (unless it is in low battery, when it will blink RED and beep).
To turn the Hub off, press and hold the Hub button down for 5 seconds. When the Hub beeps, release the button immediately. The Hub will blink several times BLUE, PURPLE and then ORANGE and shut down. (To confirm that the Hub is off, remove from the charger and the Hub lights will turn off).
Again, NEVER hold the button down while the Hub is in the shut down process (blinking BLUE, then PURPLE, then ORANGE).
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